5 January 2015

Photo-a-day Challenge

I have decided to take my #fmsphotoaday challenge a little further and write a little about the pictures and the prompts/themes associated with the piccies.
For January as I am off Facebook I have only been publishing my photo's to Instagram, linking to Twitter (think a couple I accidentally linked to FB, habits are so darn hard to break).
Normally Chantelle (aka Fat Mum Slim) would pull together a month of word prompts to take a photo.  I always tried to keep it to that exact day when taking a picture of the word prompt as it made me step outside my comfort zone and look around me a little more in my adventures during the week (namely the bus to and from work)! 
This year Chantelle has mixed things up and is releasing only the word prompts for the week ahead. LOVE THIS. Means I can just check in on Sunday's, add the prompts to my Google calendar and have my words ready for the week. No planning ahead or taking a months photos in a day (even though this may work for some people).
January's theme for me is Happiness.  I wanted to find a happy moment for each word prompt. Something that either made me smile or one of my many interests (people, animals, wine, chocolate, love, photography, storms, nature).
1st Jan - The Sky - waiting at the bus stop severely hung-over I was heading to a friend's birthday lunch (she turned 30 on New Year's Day).  I remember looking up at the sky and thinking what a gorgeous day it was an thought I would capture the plane flying over also as a little happiness moment, wondering where the people on the plane were going to/coming from.  Always makes me smile.
2nd Jan - Something Yellow - Went for a walk from Coogee to Bondi  return with my husband on such a gorgeous day.  The sun was shining and I couldn't stop seeing yellow flowers!!  I tried to take a few pictures of the better ones but the path was too busy and Drew had to stop and keep waiting for me!! My favourite flower has always been a sunflower, they make me smile. Flowers make me happy. Perfect for my happiness theme.
3rd Jan - Me Today - Was in such a great mood today. Went to a few outlet stores to try on sneakers/trainers ready for the New Year fitness regime (and because my old Nikes are, well old).  Had a great time checking out shops and decided that we needed to grab some vino for dinner and headed to Dan Murphy's.  I was so happy to get a nice bottle of Rose from The Watershed in Margaret River (one of my biased favourite wine regions). So happy.
4th Jan - I hear - Further to my blog post below I finally visited Wyles Bath's at Coogee Beach.  I did an hour yoga and then had a great swim in the ocean pool.  Lying on my towel after the swim I was enjoying the sun, the sound of the surf, children laughing, seagulls chirping and was in my happy place. Great way to end the last day of the year before going back to work.
So Week 2 has commenced, it is never to late to join anything. So go on join me for Week 2!

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