14 January 2015

Not missing Facebook at all.....

It has been 14 days off Facebook (with a slight slip the other day when I heard about a family friend's mother passing away and wanted to send my condolences and wishes & seeing the odd picture or video on the husbands phone as he waves it in my face saying "check this out").  I haven't missed knowing exactly what everyone is doing every second of the day.  It feels quite free and liberating. 
Saying that I have doubled my time on Instagram and Twitter.  I have followed new peoples and reduced a whole lot of fitness fanatics people on both social media platforms.  Following more colourful creative people who love photography, food, creativeness, play and fun!  This allows me to tap into my creative Yin side of my brain and not focus on "having to know exactly where people are checking into every five seconds".  Yes I was one of those people, because you weren't really there if you didn't check in to let the world know you were having a coffee, lunch, dinner.  People probably assume that you eat during the day and that you like to partake in cafes (namely because you take a picture of everything you eat and upload it to Instagram BEFORE you eat it)!
My curious nature (otherwise known as bloody nosey personality) has actually resorted to calling people and sending text messages to find out about what friends/family are up to and how they are. Good old fashioned telephone calling/texting hey, who woulda thought it?  I wonder if they see my name come up and think "oh fuck not her again, didn't I talk to her like four days ago"!
Twitter has been my "go-to" news feed and quite refreshing to click on my groups and just flick through subjects that I feel like for the day - mostly photography and US news. Interesting. The New York times and the Huffington Post are two of my favourites and I am finding out more about charities and social media business learning.  I did search #goldenglobes on the bus ride home on Monday that left me entertained for the entire 30min bus ride that I didn't really need to watch the show when I got home!  I knew who the winners were and also had heard about that "Cosby" joke made by the Tina and Amy (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for those who aren't on a first name basis with them).

Having reduced my pages followed down from 112 to 20 it will be interesting to see what appears on my Facebook feed on the 1 February.  Unless I continue to stay off Facebook as part of the Febfast challenge (no sugar and no alcohol this year).  Last Febfast I did no sugar, no social media (at all, killed me), no alcohol and no coffee (why on earth would one do that to themselves, bloody overachievers).  You can read my blog posts here and here.
Knowing me my nosey personality will win and I will want to know exactly what people are doing because It makes me happy most days.

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