2 January 2015

New Year - Time for ME changes!!

Second day of the New Year and I am excited about the challenges I have set in place for myself. Project ME 2015.

A few things to start for January:

Going off Facebook and utilising other social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest (not to forget blogger)!

#fmsphotoaday challenge - have done this for a couple years off and on. Every day of the month there is a word prompt and you take a picture to reflect your interpretation of the word. Some people have a theme attached to the month (like black & white, m&m's) and for January my theme is #happiness.

Pinterest - collating information,  pictures, recipes,  home/creative tips, gardening advice etc

Creating ideas, writing stories,  tapping into the Yin side more and coming closer to publishing a book.

Finishing the nutritional psychology course I signed up for over a year ago. Making time to complete my realm reading certificate (have always been interested in doing card readings and would love to learn more about tapping into the spiritial realm).

2014 was a busy year & quite stressful really with a few things (planning a wedding, turning 40, my cat going missing just before the wedding, getting married, injuries which led into winter, then I went off the pill,  which led into a cannot be fucked making an effort which contributed a little to the weight I had gained). Despite my clothes being tight i am super happy despite having put on many kgs, my injuries are getting proper maintenance & rehabilitation due to improving my body & mind with hatha yoga. I feel in a much better head space and now need to stop being so relaxed with food, wine etc.

Eating well, making smarter choices,  moving my body everyday whether it is a 30min walk, weights smash session, yoga, swimming, bike ride, walk etc. I am going to shed 16kgs. The husband is also looking after his health, reducing weight and getting us both healthier as we head into our forties!! (41 in March,  for me).

Changing Habits
Coffee is something I have a love & hate relationship with. I love the smell, taste & the social interaction of "coffee" but feel it has become a habit to make it through my day/week & is associated with being stressed/frantic. Grabbing a coffee on my way to work daily costs $3.50, I think I need it but in reality I don't always.  So coffee only 2-3 times a week instead of 7-12!! Drinking more tea (green, ginger,  white tea) which will save money and also reducing milk intake (waste of fat calories). I will really enjoy the few cups I have.

Changing habits can assist changes in other areas of my life to being healthier (bringing lunch, walking to a different bus stop, not sitting on Facebook every 10mins, positive affirmation challenges etc). I also got given a second hand bike for Christmas so I can join hubby in outdoor activities more to mix up walks with rides and exploring different areas in and around Sydney!!

So January should be a productive month!! Weighed myself today purely as a starting point and measured as well. Excited to mix things up this month.

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  1. Hey Dons!
    Great goals for 2015. Coffee is such a biggie isn't it?

    I have study to finish off too... I have to finish my Cert IV fitness by mid July... have only done one module! It's really difficult to fit study in with parenting two little kiddies plus working 3 days a week and taking time for hubby and myself! Life, eh!

    Jenn x