23 December 2014

Letting things go!

This year has been a truly eventful one no matter which part of the globe you live.  Things just get so busy and stressful that people so cannot wait until the New Year to reset batteries and charge on again into another busy year.  IT has been a great year to LET THINGS GO!!
For me I have had the busiest year personally ever.  I not only turned 40, I finally got married! I married the man I love and the man who makes me happy and who makes me smile everyday, even when he is being a pain in the arse (as boys do so well). I keep learning about love and relationships and how important it is to just LET THINGS GO, especially the little fecking things that you think are important but in hindsight are NOT. 
On turning 40 life isn't about an number but about what YOU DO with your life.  This year I have just allowed myself to be me. To do what I choose and not feel obligated to anything or anyone and it was perfect.  I spent time with great friends, family and of course my husband and I wouldn't change a thing.  I also let things go, said NO to people when I didn't want to do certain things and learnt to listen to my gut when dealing with any situations.

Time to let things go, let all the hurt, worry, stress go and remember that you have control you CAN make choices to a happier life that is stress free. The key things are to be organised, plan ahead and love yourself from within. Don't look for external people/materials to complete you or make you happy, they will be a part of what makes your heart full and the reason for your smile but only YOU can make yourself truly happy. Rely on yourself, love yourself, nuture yourself and ensure you take out time for you. 

I have loved my yoga sessions this year! They really have reminded me how important it is to take time out for yourself and just be at one with body and mind. To stretch the body, relax the mind and think from your heart(Yin) and not always your brain/mind (Yang).  Being balanced is key. 

I am looking forward to 2015 and have spent a few hours planning already which has left me very excited about the.doors I will open in 2015. Have set my goals differently,  concentrating on yin energy. Freaking excited. On my achievement list is to blog my new experiences & learnings. 

One of my first challenges is to have a break from Facebook for a month. Time to change habits & have more contact with people through old school channels (coffee catch-ups, phone, email, using a paper diary) and utilizing social media platform's like Instagram, Twitter and Blogger a little more. I have unfollowed 60% of pages on Facebook and will cull again today friends who I don't really engage with. 

My project for 2015 is ME. By challenging myself in many different areas (some yang, some yin) I am intrigued to find out more about myself, my capabilities, passions and drive. 

Time to DO this!!

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