2 June 2014

June is challenge month......

I love a good challenge, it is true, I just need to pull my finger out and FINISH the darn things.  I swear I am just getting older and not bothered about some challenges - even though I did smash the Febfast challenge earlier this year with no drinking, no sugar, no fun for 28 days........ never say never.

So what challenges does June bring with it, besides it being winter which is going to push my "get rid of muffin top" motivation button harder (really do need to get healthier to get ready to grow a mini Jones).  So the usual health & fitness goals apply (eat better, train harder, drink less wine, eat more chocolate, (I mean less... ).  So I have created my own June health and fitness 30-day challenge... check it out here.
Getting married in April means changing ones surname... sounds like fun, a new identity, but in reality the list of places to change my name just continues to grow like Pinocchio's nose.... My goal is to complete the ENTIRE name change process by 30 June 2014.  As of today I have changed two things and have about 12 to go..... why isn't there just one little place in the city  you can wander in and see a guy with short sleeve white business shirt on called Larry who will complete everything for you? Yes I am even happy to pay a huge fee for this time saving process... but alas that hasn't been a priority for someone to work on & create. Typical.
Thanks to the wonderful @fatmumslim aka Chantelle Ellem we have an amazing challenge on Instagram which is designed to capture life and our experiences monthly by just one word to get the brain thinking about how you are going to capture that one word for that day.....  I have done a couple of the challenges but the last few times I have started and then I would forget I was doing it and remember at day 23 or something....  so June will be completed... Day One done...
Get busy peoples... I look forward to 1 July having stuck to the above challenges and as a result am healthier, lighter, energetic, creative and officially Mrs Jones!  Off you go then. Challenge yourself!

Dons xx

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