23 May 2014

Needing a new project.......

Where on earth has this year gone?  I tell you what organising a wedding for ONE day makes five months just disappear!    The wedding was a truly one of the best days ever in  my life, a  fantastic day, really enjoyed the day we had planned and I think my family and friends would agree it was a fun day filled with laughter, tears, champers, selfies and lots of dancing!  Perfection.
Married life is going well, I know they say nothing changes when you get married but I feel content now and I just love Drew even more and looking forward to the next few phases of our life together. 

I do however need a new project to fill my creative mind.  The must get fit and healthy for a baby project is ticking along (could be ages before a wee little Jones is conceived) but getting fit and healthy will be a great focus, especially now being 40 which adds a few extra tests at the yearly physical with my doctor.  Enjoying a glass of red as we speak, that is good for you isn't it?
So heading to the Vivid Festival this weekend and also the Sydney Writer's Festival with the hope of a new project.  Looking forward to seeing Kate Ceberano tomorrow and listen to her  chat about her new book "I'm Talking".  I have always admired Kate, she is so vibrant, positive, radiant and just a happy person.

"Acclaimed chanteuse Kate Ceberano is an accomplished singer, songwriter and now author with her memoir, I’m Talking. Join Kate as she chats with Caroline Baum about the incredible journey from her childhood in Melbourne to her early success and her current status as one Australia’s best loved performers, as well as all the bits in between."

Check out the events here http://www.swf.org.au/

Look forward to spending more time on my "Something New" page on Facebook also.  New adventures, challenges and letting other people share events that they have organised and would like people to attend and experience. 

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