26 May 2014

Living life to the fullest....

Waking up everyday is a true blessing.  Life is totally what you make of it, sit in the cheap seats and of course you won't get the full experience you imagined. 

Make your way to the front row of your life and experience things that you love & fear will make life so much more rewarding.  What do you ultimately want to look back on and be proud of in your life?  Mistakes are to be made, no such thing as perfect, awesome will do! Learn from life, experience all that life has to give and just jump into the unknown. 

I know for me I have so much I want to achieve and the list keeps changing which is a great thing - who wants to have the same list for 20 years? Boring, my mind has new ideas everyday. 

Some things that are on my personal list.....

* Kayaking on Sydney Harbour
* Visiting fresh food markets in Sydney
* Visit Messina Darlinghurst - the line is always going to be there!
* Visit at least one new place in Australia (Cairns, Byron Bay, Tasmania)
* Create an online business
* Workout what my online business will be
* See how long it takes to make one of Jamie's 15-minute meals
* Write a fiction novel, or at least create some characters
* Move to a house with a backyard & create a veggie patch, herb garden
* Collate all my superannuation (boring but important)
* Learn to make delicious dumplings - sweet and savoury ones
* Finish nutritional psychology course (wonder if there is a close date... oops)
* Plan a camping weekend!  Invite those who have camping equipment and LOVE the outdoors, preferably in the warmer months....
* Work in a career that motivates and challenges me continuously
* Donate plasma
* Work on my photography passion - purchasing a DSLR
* Having a healthy baby with my husband
* Getting another tattoo designed before I am 41!
* Becoming a health coach to inspire others about living a healthy life

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