28 May 2014

All about breathing in, out and letting go.

Had the most enjoyable yoga class today at Hard Candy... I try and get to Deb's class every Wednesday lunchtime because it really makes me appreciate life, and forget the shit that we hold onto and how unimportant it really all is in the big scheme of things.    An hour of stretches, breathing in a room heated to 37 degrees makes me let go of unnecessary worry and also stretches out and strengthens my tall body.
It is truly a perfect way for me to get fitter and also look after my mental state, because sometimes we can get so caught up in life, that we forget to just let go.  We hold on to far too much energy that can make us feel heavy, flat and we need to let that shit go, the conversation you had three days ago with a friend, let it go, the guy who cut you off in traffic this morning, let it go.
Life is too short to worry about crap... we need to get out of our own mind and experience other thoughts and experience instead of playing the same record in our mind... no wonder we get so sad, depressed and agitated. 
This is my weekly mental health day - where I let go of anything that I may have been worrying about and focus purely on me, myself and my breathing.  To release tension and blockages that may be making me feel not "quite right" and to just let go.   No blame, no regrets, no negativity, just love for myself and my body that I am fit, healthy and happy.   I visualise the things that make me smile when Deb sends us to a happier place - the mountains New Zealand I climbed when imagining open spaces with snow capped tips, the relaxing beaches of Thailand when I need another visual place and I always see my husband's face when she mentions love and opening your heart....  Sometimes I see my grandparents and get sad but find that this releases tension and anything I have been holding onto... a very powerful tool indeed. 
Everyone should make the time to stop and let go. To turn off the noise, sit in a quiet place for at least 10minutes and just breathe in and out... focusing on where it hurts, where it is tight..... is your breathing short or deep from the abdomen?  Pretend every time you breathe in and out that you are drawing warm liquid, like honey all around your body, lubricating your muscles and joints and letting out any tension. 
Try it a couple times a week when you get time (shower, after training at the gym, before you get into bed).  Turn off the phone, tv and just breathe big powerful breaths in and out...  do some stretches that you feel will help and just have some you time.

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