7 February 2014

Dear Coffee, I miss you.......

This is me without coffee.  I used to lie when I said I wasn't addicted to coffee. I am. Totally and utterly addicted in love with the stuff.  I love & miss everything about it.  The aroma of freshly grounded coffee beans, the slightly bitter first taste of a long black before adding a wee bit of full fat milk to it.....  that feeling around 10:30am when I need another hit and the socialisation of me and the barista who knows exactly what coffee I need at certain times of the day (I like to mix things up a long black with or without a dash, a strong latte, a piccolo...)
Today I tried a decaf latte... it was good, enough to satisfy my brain that I was indeed "having a coffee".  Nearly 7 days in... 21 to go.  I need to be strong, like a nice long black.
If you would like to sponsor me, please do so. Small cost of a coffee or wine perhaps?

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