15 October 2013

Joy comes from the simple things in life!

Taking note of  the simple things that make you smile or feel good can reflect on your overall happiness. Your bus arriving early with a friendly bus driver greeting you,  a smile from a stranger, a hug from your children, your favourite gym class moved to a time that suits you, helping someone with their pram when people have just walked past, talking to the lady at Woolies scanning your groceries or remembering your to your favourite program returning on TV on Monday nights! (zombie zombie zombie... oi oi oi). 

The feelings that you receive daily from these little experiences truly help make you feel in a good mood, releasing serotonin into the body and making you feel less stressed, anxious. Try and focus on what made you smile at the end of each day before you go to sleep, not the things that made you frown.
Concentrating on the small things that make you feel alive each day and less on the things you really cannot control (external influences) will help reduce stress, illness, worry, fear in your life.
Changing your routine (step out of your comfort zone) also helps increase the simple pleasures in life.  Walk through the park on the way to work instead of sitting on the bus in traffic, take your shoes off and walk on the grass (love that feeling), visit a different cafĂ© on the weekend to get your morning coffee, read the paper instead of checking social media (note to self on this one). Jump in the car and take a day trip somewhere near you (farmers markets, picnic near a beach/river).  Sometimes all it takes is one little thing to happen to change your mood or make you appreciate things a little differently.  This is how doors open, by making decisions daily. Changing your perspective and your environment as much as you can. 
If you are feeling like it is groundhog day, remember it is only YOU who can change the vibe of your day, don't focus on the things you cannot control, deal with them and then get back to the positive things that are happening around you, no matter how simple they seem. 

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