23 September 2013

Tell me why, I LIKE Monday's....

I do like Monday's! Well I actually like most days of the week (sometimes Wednesday hurt because the weekend is so far away) of course I LOVE Saturday and Sunday, but I try and find the happy in everyday! Feeling alive, happy, healthy and in control of my day, now that rocks. Change your attitude and change your day.  
A couple of young gals were talking so LOUD  on the bus this morning, well whinging about how they "hate" Monday and how "hard" today was going to be at work, you know.    As I blocked them out by putting my headphones on I thought, the reason why your day is going to suck is because you have a sucky attitude.  Now don't get me wrong I didn't skip to the bus stop this morning (but will make a note to do it one day this week, ha ha) but I did walk there with a sense of purpose, attitude and looking forward to my day.  Today is mine! I left my gorgeous fiancĂ© sleeping in on his day off, got up early & did a boxing class, walked home with a delicious coffee, the sun was up and feeling nice and warm on my face, had some playtime with Tiggy, chasing him around the backyard all before 8:00am.
I don't get that "depressed" feeling on a Sunday anymore because I control how things roll. I love a Sunday to be partly relaxed and partly productive, gets me ready for the week ahead. I plan out my gym time, time with friends & be prepared for the week ahead and then proceed to countdown to the weekend from Wednesday! 

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