15 July 2013

Trying out some sugar free recipes....

Gave a chocolate mousse with avocado recipe a go on the weekend... oh my god it tasted awful.  I think I needed more avocado and less cacao, it was so so bitter, plus I didn't have a proper beater to use, the hand held beater just made the ingredients fly everywhere, so smashed it with a fork. It tasted creamy and couldn't taste the avocado, getting used to the strength of cacao v cocoa powder!
Followed this link but only used 1/2 the ingredients and no sweetner.  You should of seen the look on my face, Drew pissed himself laughing at my reaction to my proud creation (as he ate apple pie and ice cream)! Classic... So a glass of red for dessert it was. 
I haven't used Stevia before and wondering if this would make the mousse taste a little better. Will have to keep trying until I find a mix that suits me.  It just need a little something.  I went to Dr Earth on Friday night and purchased the cacao and also some coconut flour (pancakes anyone) and some other spices/bits and pieces to play with.  Cannot wait to try pancakes this weekend.
Brought some new cupcake tins yesterday and a hand held whizzy thing, so this will come in handy for making more sugar free recipes.  We have a charity bake off at work soon and am excited to make some red velvet cupcakes.  wonder who will make the most money? I hear chocolate crackles are being made....
The red velvets will be sugar free of course, with beetroot.  I haven't cooked with rice malt syrup, might have to do a practice run.. any guinea pigs?  

Exploring so many new ideas and it isn't hard at all. Simple foods, mixed together, some work, some haha don't.  Looking forward to attending Sarah Wilson's talk on Wednesday night - she created the I Quit Sugar empire otherwise known as #iqsugar - to get her book and some great tips!  I look forward to future experimenting in the kitchen with my new whizz bang tools.

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