24 July 2013

Time to update our brains!!!

Some of us have seriously forgotten how to think, or research information that we need to and come to our own conclusions, we seemed to do it well at school and uni (some of us better than others).  We seem to rely on Internet, media tabloids and people who claim to be health/fitness experts instead of our guts to tell us to eat this, not that and do this, not that... some guidance is always helpful but does it make sense to you? Or do you just nod along like those dogs you get in the taxi cabs in Britain? Why do we STILL follow the "healthy food" pyramid and have high rates of diseases, especially for those who actually follow the pyramid closer than others? What do you truly believe we need to do to make our nation/world healthier?

Yes there is SO much information out there but if you really stop and think about it, the answer is always simple. KISS. Keep It Simple Silly or Stupid.  I do not believe in coincidences.  We have problems with mental illness, disease, we worry SO SO much about what other people think about us.  WHY? how have we become this way?  Conditioning.  Especially when it comes to what to eat and not to eat.

We are conditioned. Yes conditioned. Conditioning is a behavioural process. We continuously feed signals to the brain and they store them like a library for quick reference.  We have been continuously fed that carbs are bad for you, they make you fat and saturated fat gives you heart disease.  Obviously this very important (not) information has come from the Health Department and Doctors, so it must be true. 

I ask you a question.  Why is it that since we have been told that saturated fat is bad for us and kills us we have managed to reduce saturated fat intake and still we see obesity rise, heart disease still be the biggest killer of women and type II diabetes take over?  We need to re-condition.  Stop and think exactly about how our bodies function today in comparison to our ancestors.    

Take it back to basics.  What foods go off in the fridge or cupboard if you leave them? They are the foods we should be eating,before they go off that is.  Raw ingredients, wholesome foods, eaten fresh or cooked in oils that don't go unstable when heated, those saturated fats we have been told to ignore actually are stable and good for us. Obviously if you guzzle olive oil and butter all day everyday.... you get the drift.

Our bodies are not designed to digest processed foods and we haven't evolved .... but we have started to set a pattern of bad health and disease to become a normal part of society.  The thing I have learnt since doing my no sugar challenge is how easy it is to bring healthy eating back to basics. We are all very busy and important but you want you & your family to be healthy right? Have long healthy life with minimal risks to disease?  Research what foods your body truly function better with.  Work out what treats you can make that don't involve cups of caster sugar or white squeaky flour. Common sense.  Just because that is what others do is not a good reason. Actions speak louder than words. Be someone people admire and respect.  Don't preach just do.  This goes with anything in life.

When I was growing up I used to get healthier foods than my other school buddies.  Some days I was jealous of the fairy bread sandwich for lunch a friend had (yes for lunch, think it was like Year 5).  This was a mining town, where people made good money.  Because fairy bread was something I only ever had rarely at a birthday party I jumped at the chance when, wait for it, the girl wanted to SWAP sandwiches with me. SWAP my ham/salad sambo for her fairy bread.  Of course that was the day my mum came to the school for whatever reason and thought she would come and say hi! ahah. Busted.

I never had the good or bad for you speech growing up it was more the "look after your health and well being" message I got from my mum.  We had ice cream, we had biscuits in the house but we also had lots of veggies, fruits, cheese, dairy and lots of being told "to get outside and play".  The best dishes growing up was food cooked in lard. Oh gosh Sunday roast pumpkin cooked in lard. DELICIOUS.  We ate the skin on the meat, we enjoyed it too!  Crackling anyone?  The bizarre thing about this is my mum eats healthy, like a bird, she needs to eat more fat and protein and lives off a banana and a yoghurt most days and has high cholesterol.  My dad now is an Irish lad, so loves his bacon, eggs and butter, he has lower cholesterol.  He does have high blood pressure though, but that could be from the two packs a day he smoked when I was growing up perhaps?
So where was I going with this story....

I had my cholesterol tested over a year ago when I had started following a similar eating plan to that of paleo, back to the caveman ways.  My results were outstanding.  My cholesterol overall score went UP, but my good cholesterol (HDL) was the one that went high, my bad cholesterol (LDL) went down and my overall health risks went down also. BOOM. I was so excited. I had lost weight, gained muscle, reduced my risk of heart disease by eating fats.  I did cut out sugar a little, not entirely.  Imagine what my next results are going to show in a year after giving up sugar. 

What I would love us all to do is realise that the so called warnings the health department gave us are wrong, are OLD, they have NOT done any new research to update any healthy eating pyramid.  They only used partial studies and really we should be eating a much different diet. We have been conditioned, we have habits, we have our ways. I get that. But you know what, who wants to be a sheep and follow others, I want everyone to stand for what choices feels good for them but also to realise that by eating how we are now we aren't going to reduce health issues, you can change GENETICS for LIFESTYLE diseases and more! Seriously. Our habits are slowly making us sicker & sicker.  I look forward to a day when more doctors are spreading this message too, some are, some are fantastic like my doctor at the Hyde Park Medical centre, love her honesty!  So refreshing.  Check out primalmeded.com blog below. Some great reading to make you think more about how we eat, why we eat and why we feel it MUCH easier to just be a sheep in society, or have we not really thought about it in that much detail?

Have a wee read of these links:

Just spreading the seed, it is up to you how you water, nurture and let your mind grow.  Day 32 today of quitting sugar, just about to have some chocolate, love my choices. So simple.  I just mixed a heaped tablespoon of coconut oil melted with cacao powder, coconut and some stevia. Put in the freezer ..... homemade chocolate. Good healthy fats that is totally curbing ALL my cravings, making my skin clearer and making me feel amazing.  MMMM goodnight.  

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