28 July 2013

So cannot wait to wear this!!

So, it is one more sleep until Maxine's Challenge commences.  This challenge appeared on my Facebook wall on a day where I was thinking to myself, "I really need to plan out my training to achieve the goals I have set!  I had started a couple months ago but got a little side tracked when I tore the meniscus in my left knee, lost my fitness mojo and my fitness goals went to the back of my mind... you know the usual Excuses: it is winter, red wine is best consumed under a nice warm blanket... with cheese. haha. Gotta love life. In saying that I have also quit sugar for the past five weeks. Doing well there, so awesome being in control, no fructose for me!

I have been checking out Ryderwear for a while now and love love love this outfit, so cute and would be great for hanging out down the beach/walks in summer ....... gotta love SUMMER shorts.


So feeling good about this challenge, have some friends who are keen to kick ass too which just makes the challenge more fun & interesting plus get to meet new people to train with. Bonus.  Time to get back on the horse and have a plan instead of just training.  Love a new sense of focus and direction, brings excitement into the training, nutrition.

20 August is official end of 58days NO sugar.  I started a week earlier.  Will reward myself with donating blood and then having the best malt smoothie ever.  Will still be continuing to cut fructose out of my nutrition.

Then 12 week challenge ends 21 October. 

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