30 July 2013

Posting my before picture live today on social media...

I have been very comfortable lately, as you can tell from the piccie below.  It is fine, life changes, people change, we loose focus and determination and then we pick it back up again and move forwards. Life is never perfect, easy, we have to strive hard and as my Dad used to say if you don't put in 100% why are you expecting to get it in return, smart man my Dad!

So yes, I was exercising, training at the gym and probably following the 80/20 rule.  Which meant I got a bit relaxed and the ratio was probably 70/30.  That means 30% of the time I wasn't concentrating on eating proper healthy foods, allowing snacks to creep back in, wine to flow and our new cheeseboards we got used very well.  I don't see that I have failed, I have just taken a little detour.  For me putting on 8kgs is a big (pun intended) thing.  I have always been actions speak louder than words kinda gal and feel like I haven't been walking my walk lately.  So no more ratios just honest hard work, healthy nutrition and keeping up with the no sugar challenge to get to my goal, to look even MORE fabulous than I do now and to not worry about wearing supportive undergarments on my wedding day... you get my drift.

So haters will hate, let them be, are they doing anything remotely interesting, ask them.  I have amazing support with my fiance and awesome friends who have more faith in me than I do at the moment, the confidence is building back up and the fitness mojo is coming back with a vengeance.

I posted my before photo on my challenge blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because folks that is how I look.  No point trying to hide it (I should purchase some better matching pj's).  I have spread a little around the girlie area (hips, bum, thighs and belly) and look forward to going in to 2014, the year I turn 40 with a better body than I did coming into my 30's.

This is me. Watch out for the after photo.

 Oh and this was me about 2.5 - 3 years ago

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