16 July 2013

Mind your own business….

Noisy people need to mind their own business.

I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan

When you are setting out to achieve your own goals you really have to shut out all the white noise that surrounds you.  Now I have never been one of the quiet achievers, I am a huge extrovert (noo way I hear you say) who likes to share my stories with anyone that will listen (“hi lamp post, how you going”?).  What I have learnt from doing many “challenges” in my time is that people will always want you to fail or f*ck up to make them feel better about themselves. Obviously not ALL people are like that, and many of your friends, family and work buddies will be supportive, but there are the haters, the ones who will fight you nail and tooth about the challenge you are doing and you need to shut them out and the noise.  Just smile and say thanks and move on.

Everyone has an opinion, which is fabulous, so they should, doesn't mean you have to listen to everyone's ideas.  The opinion  you need to listen to the most is your own thoughts, gut feelings. I have come to trust my inner voice (not the skinny one who wants cookies we don’t talk to her anymore, the other smart & sensible one).   Take everything you read/hear/see with a pinch of salt (I like pink Himalayan personally), you need to learn new things your way, you need to work out what challenges are meant to be succeeded, falling on your backside is a part of life, something’s you will achieve and others you will fall on your backside, who cares, simple.  Giving it a crack and not worrying about what other people think is the key. Quite frankly who gives a #%$* what they think, it is your life and challenge right?  You have to learn from the bruised butt. (trust me I actually bruised my butt doing huge box jumps a few years back, I was scared I would fall, I did, but then got up and nailed that sucker).

I don't like going quietly about my challenges, my passions, my ideas, creations & failures, I put them out there, as I know it self-motivates myself to strive further to  achieve them and also gives others the confidence to also try something new, sometimes you want to know that someone has tried and failed and tried again and succeeded (that is why I love the Michael Jordan quote).  I  am human and have tried so many different challenges in my 39years and by continuing to strive with these “challenges” could be perceived as failures, which amazes me when people suggest that (oh you are doing another 12 week challenge) ahh yes because I can, I will and love a new challenge whether it be fitness, study, healthy living (no sugar is a prime example, day 24 going so strong) I believe in timing and paths, sometimes you are meant to achieve greatness, other times you are just to  observe, learn and absorb the knowledge life presents to you. And yes I love falling on my ass with life because I don't stay down there, I jump up and shake myself off and think holy crap that was awesome, lets go again. Failing, falling on my arse makes me more determined; I just shrug my sexy shoulders and go, right, onwards and upwards we go!

Yes there is fear, doubt and that voice of “am I good enough”? Those voices I know I can silence by giving things my best shot and NOT giving in to falling on my ass & not listening to the white negative noise around me.  I prefer to listen to others who are achieving great things to boost my confidence, don’t we all?



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