1 July 2013

I'm sugar free .......

Showing my age now but everytime I say sugar free, the song from 1987 -  Wa Wa Nee pops into my head.  I actually saw them last year at the Enmore, pretty good for an 80's pop band.. oh Rick Astley was there too. Took me back to being a teenager where I consumed lots of sugar. haha. So am listening to the song now on You Tube as I type this. Classic. I crack myself up.

So what does sugar free mean to me?  Not the over-processed products out in the supermarket that claim to be "sugar-free" which are full chemicals to say they are "sugar free".... (oh my love and me....flashbacks to mullets).  Sugar free to me is choosing food that has been less processed, the food we consume daily that hasn't been overly processed or had refined sugar added to get to your table.  Unless you grow it or kill it yourself, your food has been processed in some way to get your friendly grocer.  Eating sugar free is choosing products that have had minimal to no processing so they are consumed in natural-ish form.  Yes fruit has sugar, but it wasn't put there as part of a manufacturer process to feed you. It grew.

Eating sugar free shouldn't be HARD, it is all about making the right choices and as a society we unfortunately have more choices than we ever used to have. So many "quick" options which we think we need, you know because we are all so busy and important.   Sugar really is a nasty substance, yes a substance. You get addicted and your body adapts to use this "fuel" that so many people think they need (normally when sugar levels are low).

So what can I eat I am being asked - really? There are SO many great foods I can eat.  I eat pretty healthy majority of the time, this is really just fine tuning my nutrition (I have a once you pop, cannot stop mentality). Stop snacking on crap and eat well.  

Biggest thing that I won't be eating besides lollies, chocolate are packaged foods that have sugar added to them (refined sugar) so the sauces, packaged quick meal stir fry pouches, white bread, white pastas, cereals (except my oats and maybe a homemade muesli if I feel like it), ALL diet products, all low-no sugar products.  The cupcakes I just got offered at work, I honestly don't want one, because I know that I am looking after myself, my health and in the future the health of my family. 

Breaking habits, breaking patterns and you know what breaking what society thinks we "should" be eating/doing to make THEM feel more comfortable... feck that, I look after Numero Uno.  

What I eat/will be eating - fresh fruits and vegetables, natures sugar - five servings a day of fruits/veggies including sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, rye bread, full fat dairy (milk for coffee, Greek yoghurt for snacks & dressings), meats, eggs, nuts, chia/lsa mixes, pea protein whey powder (drinks/snacks, protein balls) & oils, natural butter, avocado!. 

Snacks are so easy with unsalted nuts, eggs, berries, avocado, hummus/celery etc.  

All the power of the mind. You are what you think. Planning is key for me, food shopping & knowing when you are going out and about - practice just saying no - people will just go with it.  

Today so far I have eaten well - breakfast was oats cooked with light coconut milk with cinnamon and sliced apple (yum), snack was almonds and a long black coffee with a dash full cream milk, lunch was quinoa with tuna and green beans, my afternoon snack is eggs/strawberries or protein shake, depends on what I fancy, dinner is a beef stir fry :)

The key is to have food prepared. Looking forward to trying new recipes with coconut water, coconut milk/cream, cacao powder, organic cream (hello dessert treats), vanilla beans!  

Obviously won't be eating cream everyday!  Good wholesome foods, protein at each meal with veggies and water, black coffee, tea and a couple treats a week.  Loving it. The power of choosing a healthier lifestyle. Wonder what the first REAL week will bring?!

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