17 July 2013

I quit sugar talk by Sarah Wilson...

Tonight I attended a talk by Sarah Wilson at Flow Athletica in Paddington.  Awesome gym you should check it out if you live that way :) I am looking forward to my free class as there wasn't enough SW books to go around. 

So I am still buzzing from the talk, not because I learnt anything new as such it was more about the clarification of reading and research I have been doing over the last year or so on fats, sugars and how they work in the body and what the BODY actually needs and what it definitely doesn't.  

So whilst the boy screams at the TV hoping the Blues will win (they seem to be dropping the ball and lots of mistakes, especially at a certain crap player called Pearce - insert expletives here...) I thought I would get on here and bash out some information on quitting sugar and how this talk has made me feel very content and happy about my decision to quit sugar. YES peoples quitting fructose.  Some of you might know that I haven't had sugar for about 25 days and feeling FANTASTIC. NO cravings, no tiredness, no feeling those insulin spikes from sugar sugar sugar.  

In a nutshell, no sugar coating (ha ha ha oh dear) not necessarily NEWSFLASH, but yes fructose is bad, our bodies don't know how to process and store as fat (ta da), hence causing lots of diseases and decreasing our quality of life but we are so addicted (like heroin) to this white substance, we think we must have that chocolate or lolly jar (packet anyone).  We don't need ALL the fructose we consume daily, do you know how much you consume in an average day? I know I have tried to  reduce my intake in the last year or two (with the odd sugar, lolly, ice-cream binge of course).  This where Sarah Wilson started her journey, yes she had an autoimmune disease but in someways that was just a small part of this whole topic, it was because of that she gave up sugar and realised the increase in her health and well-being.  Her diet daily would of seemed "normal" to an average person (honey in chai tea, fruit on porridge etc but even in a healthy person without autoimmune disease the amount of fructose would still have an effect on the body.

If we could all cut out fructose (small amounts in some fruit ok, small limits daily are fine) but giving up the super processed refined sugars, realise that most products that are processed have sugar in them, fructose they are disguised with different names.   Cut out all the processed sauces, packet foods, healthy so called skinny smoothies and juices from cafes, skim dairy, margarine and eat wholesome foods and up eating more healthy fat and protein to keep our bodies satiated and reduce inflammation in our bodies.  We so rely on these processed foods - and we think of  desserts as rewards and treats to cope with our hard life, busy week etc.  What we really are doing is increasing the chances of disease and also setting up the genes for further generations to have diseases also.  Now I am not saying that this will just change overnight it is just so great to see so many people moving towards making healthier choices for themselves and families and I am so excited to be on this journey, better late than never I say.

So, what causes cholesterol? If you believed the old Food Pyramid chart you would think saturated fats, but, finally we are realising that the studies undertaken that showed saturated fats were the cause of high cholesterol, heart disease were in fact incorrect (hurrah) no shit Sherlock.... 

No such thing as a "vegetable oil" not a darn veggie in that stuff, I haven't eaten vegetable oil or canola for years, first hated the taste, and my tummy did not like it, it causes more havoc than anything else and certainly ain't healthy.  Sugar causes heart disease NOT saturated fats.  Get rid of all the crappy oils, replace with the big blocks of fatty acids, not the small chains that don't digest in the body.   Choosing olive oils, coconut oils, fish oils, macadamia oils etc. 

So no sugar, eat more fat! Happy with that, exactly what I intend to do! Bring it on.  I just had two tablespoons of coconut oil mixed with cacao! Oh so so good, reminds me of chocolate crackles without the sickly sweet feeling you get after you gorge yourself.

So head over to Sarah Wilson's page, or her I Quit Sugar page, she has some great books out too which have delicious recipes in them and really easy to make with products that are easily available and don't have to cost the earth, I mean can you put a price on your health? 

So glad I booked this talk, was just the pep up I needed to continue this journey and not question anything or second guess myself.  Day 26 coming up. 

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