2 July 2013

First week of Sugar Free results.....

As you know I started the #50daysnosugar a week early, to get on top of it and be prepared for this week, 1 July commencement date - you can still start now!
So after a week of NOT eating any sugar as per the guidelines I have lost 1.1kg and 3cm (2cm off waist and 1cm off hips).    Very happy with those results as last week I managed to kind of swap sugar for high carb bread/pasta and did have a mini cheese marathon on Sunday prior to the official start date on Monday (cutting out all high processed carbs such as white bread, pasta and limiting to cheese to now and then with the crackers).
Read this on the web this morning and it rang true to me.  So I thought I would share on my blog post today:
“A winner never quits and a quitter never wins” think about the times in your life you have really succeeded at a personal goal. Changes are you focused on it with intent, shutting out distractions and doubt. Focus is knowing what matters to you and committing to it. It is choosing to ignore the white noise in your head. When you truly target your mind, your actions will follow – and that is the surest way to write your win in the future. Learning how to relax and have a positive attitude will increase your ability to cope. Often we focus on outside factors rather than on our own talents for coping.
Changing a lifestyle of eating and exercise requires commitment and hard work. It is really worth it in the long term, as not only your health will benefit, but you will feel a zest for life and enjoy the feeling of well being!

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