10 July 2013

Don't like, want to or have time for exercise??

Moving your body is good for you. The key is to finding exercise fun is to make it something that YOU enjoy.  You don’t have to do marathons, hot yoga or lift huge weights if you DON’T enjoy it.  I always say give something a crack and see how you go, but that is just me.

Do you like dancing, walking, swimming, rock climbing, and handstands? Maybe you prefer to take the dog for a walk and swim on the beach a few mornings a week.  As long as your heart & lungs get a workout and your muscles/tendons pulling against the bone (resistance) type movements a couple times a week you are doing pretty darn good & your body, mind will thank you.  Getting the blood pumping and a bit of sweat on your brow will make you feel alive, so find the time to do it and don’t make it a chore, because it is something YOU enjoy.

The key to being healthy and fit is a healthy mindset and lifestyle.  Eat healthy wholesome foods majority of the time and get some fresh air and body movement going and you will notice the difference in your alertness during the day, you will sleep better at night, the mood swings might disappear if you have them and who knows your belt buckle might be looser.

I do believe you have to put a little effort into anything you want to achieve, health & fitness isn’t going to come and just slap you and say hello, you do have to consciously make the effort.  The first step to doing any new habit will take a bit of time to get used to, but once it is in your memory & a habit you form it will just be like brushing your teeth or getting dressed, something you do.

So get out there and do what YOU want to do, find some like minded friends to join you and have fun, join that training group you see driving to work or the pool you walk past… try something new, different and fun and stop comparing yourself to what other people do, they do it because they want to and enjoy it. 

So move your body!

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