12 July 2013

Day 20 with NO sugar.....

So I cannot count... today is actually Day 20 without sugar (not 19 like my head thought). I am amazed at how well I have done. I must admit after talking to a few people and reading comments seems I didn't consume that much sugar in my daily intake as some people do (except those days when I could easily do my weekly intake in an hour, gulp, natural confectionery anyone?).

How am I feeling? Good, because I have eliminated something that wasn't a big part of my daily nutrition, I only had lollies or chocolate here and there as opposed to having lattes, soft drinks, sugars in tea/coffee, white bread and diet products (FULL of sugar) like some people are in the habit of doing I am sure I would be feeling much worse.   I did have a headache for a few days and a bit grumpy in the first week but since then I haven't had any cravings, I have probably eaten more rye bread than I normally do but feeling in control and starting to see the benefits - a couple kgs down on the scale, measurements down, jeans are loose, skin is clearing up and my eyes aren't as red and blotch as they normally are.
I made a lazy dinner last night of bacon and eggs, with a  pot of tea (yummy much) and had my leftover chocolate custard for dessert that I had made the night before, see previous post of I eat cream.  I brought my gorgeous boy some chocolate and I didn't even smell the packet or anything, I honestly don't want it, I know it will taste too sweet and over processed. That is how much the taste buds and mind changes in 20 days, obviously habits take longer to form but so far this is awesome.  My next recipe is chilli chocolate! hello lover. Check it out on Nat's blog.

I saw an ad last night for Vaalia yoghurt, apparently we intake 27g per day of sugar - that is madness... how much processed foods are we consuming people? We are so concerned with low fat we are ingesting TRIPLE the sugar that we normally do because we are all so scared that if we eat a full fat yoghurt we are going to get fat..... ahhhhhhhhhrghhhhh. 
As I posted on my Fitbydons Health & Fitness Challenge page on Facebook a few days ago cutting out ALL low-fat, low-sugar, sugar-free, fat-free labelled products is the best thing you can do. I have said this before in other posts you have to ask WHAT on earth do they put in it to make it "sugar/fat-free" to make it taste good, surely this is the stuff that makes your health issues INCREASE. Type II diabetes much?
So I am good, great, awesome, in control, not giving into society and feeling super in control! This feeling rocks.  Love it.  I can see how people stick to this no sugar all the time, makes sense. No moods, no cravings, no weight gain, no feeling lethargic.
So do you feel like you need to get healthier, be responsible for YOUR health, then I challenge you, if you haven't given up the sugar because you think you cannot, or are a victim of society, I urge you to start right now, today, who cares if you had a packet of Tim Tams for breakfast (shudders at the thought), right this second, start. Most people cannot do it because they don't have the confidence in themselves, I have confidence in YOU, so does Nat and her fantastic 50days challengers.... people have done it and seen great changes. You have nothing to loose except cms and gain healthy body and most importantly MIND. The power of the mind is amazing.
Check out www.50daysnosugar.com.au, get yourself some of the recipes that Nat Carter has created, some of them are delicious and include chocolate chilli cups, custard and ice cream. Your taste buds WILL change and you WILL wonder why you didn't start earlier.   

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