10 June 2013

Weekend away - wine, cheese & no social media please!

Seeing the stars so clear at night, the fresh air, birds singing, kangaroos bouncing around the fence line and the smell of open fires just relaxed me over the last three days. With champers, bubble baths, red wine, strawberries, sleep-ins I truly felt like I had gotten away from the hustle and bustle.  We just had three days wandering around the countryside, checking out some wineries and other shops in the area. Bliss.  Our wine rack is full and we are looking forward to sharing with friends over dinners and events over the next couple of months.

So now, am sitting on the couch whilst it is raining, hot coffee in hand, downloading pictures of the weekend with a sleeping kitty next to me & thinking my life is pretty good.   It has been a while since we both went away (July last year) and really needed some r&r....  I decided that part of this relax and rediscover the Hunter Valley was for me to have a little break from social media. 

I am always on my phone reading something whether it is a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... amazing how our lives have transformed into "I must just post this"! Wonder how we would all function if we were to (god forbid) leave our phones at home for a long weekend.  If I didn't use it as a camera and phone I may have.  I was amazed at how little tempted I was to have a look on Facebook over the weekend, I wasn't too fussed really, I noticed that we weren't at dinner on our phones or at drinks on our phones, so that was lovely. No interruptions just quality time together.

Whilst away I read the paper both print and online, I googled restaurants, google mapped our way to our hotel.... still felt like I was connected.  Did hear the odd Facebook update from Drew as he checked his page a couple times (more for the Coogee United soccer game he missed) and realised that nothing changes much in three days (obviously).  Was quite refreshing to not be online in that capacity and read about other peoples stresses with buses being late, kids, work, sports etc. Was nice to concentrate on my own time with Drew. We have just found our location for our wedding ceremony and reception, so it was nice to just chat about that over a few drinks, discuss our guest list (ahhh how hard is that to get numbers down) and ideas for the most important part - The Honeymoon!

So pictures are posted on Facebook and some on Instagram and I feel organised. Time to enjoy a quiet evening in front of the tv with some red wine. Four day week, bring it on.

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