11 June 2013

Thinking outside the box.......

As I continue to hobble around with my stupid meniscus tear in my left knee I am planning to keep this body in shape, train hard and not do any further damage to my knee(s).   Pending further catch ups with my physio will set myself some upper body and core challenges this week.  Have had a nice week of adjusting to the crutches and trying to sleep comfortably.... then a nice four day long weekend off in the countryside,  it is time to get back into training....

Positives about knee injury:-
* Slow this gal down just a little, re-group, finally booked in to see knee surgeon (le sigh)
* Upper body will get a great workout, lots of high-intensity training
* Push ups and pull-ups will ALL be proper ones, definitely NO sneaky on the knees when I get tired     after doing 30ish....
* Sit ups with legs slightly extended
* Nutrition will be 100% clean (did I mention first bout of wedding dress try-ons in 8 weeks)
* Continue with single leg isolation work (got to keep the VMO active)
* Lower back work continues - switch on glutes, lower back, hammies
* Time to try out the new Alfred pooool near Central station - lots of lateral movement
* Boxing standing on one leg???

Love training in Winter, time to keep it up! Bring it on!

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