6 June 2013

Going offline..... see you soon.

Would you get anxious if you couldn't access Facebook or Twitter or your email account?  Are we overloaded by social media? What would really happen if you didn't access your social media platforms for a couple of days or a week or two? 

Yes you probably could still send updates/tweets using a scheduler, but what would you MISS by not checking in, updating and posting everyday?  Peoples workouts, coffees, pets, motivation piccies, do you really NEED to know all that everyday?

I know I do it without even realising sometimes, go to reach for my phone to text someone and get lost in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a bit and then think, "what was I doing again"!? Or spend ages taking a picture of my food before eating it (even though I am starving) just so the world can be inspired by my version of clean eating or being creative.

So for the next four days I am switching off social media. No access at all.  No pictures from our trip to the Hunter Valley or checking in to make people wish they were there. Nada.   

Three things I know I will do:* Read the newspaper over my coffee, print version* Enjoy the time away from busy city with my fiance*Eat well and drink copious amounts of wine

See you on the flip side.... 

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