20 June 2013

3 more sleeps until I quit sugar for good!

ARE YOU MAD? I hear you ask.. nope not mad, well ok a little but sometimes can be a little smart also.  What is the one thing that holds me back from achieving my goals I asked myself, binging on sugar.  And when I have to start trying on wedding dresses, it is amazing at the willpower one can tap into. I have always needed an end goalto strive for to help me get motivated, not just because I want to. Am an Aries, very stubborn, but when I want something I will strive hard.  

The reason for this goal is to improve my health, longevity, increase my energy, reduce afternoon slumps and to look healthy & feel it too.

The wonderful Natalie Carter from Outlook Fitness has created this fantastic challenge.  Check out the great page, Natalie has created a handy booklet that you can get to assist you if you are too wanting a healthy challenge. http://www.50daysnosugar.com.au/
Cannot wait to share the journey with you all - my ups and downs, before and after piccies, new recipes and eventually my success and that great feeling of believing in myself enough to do this challenge which will make me feel better, less bloated, have more energy and shed some unwanted pounds in the process. 
Starts officially on the 1 July, the anniversary of when Nat created the 50 days no sugar program, I am starting it earlier. Because I can!

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