28 May 2013

Things to start doing for YOURSELF....

Remember today, for it is the beginning.
Today marks the start of a brave new future.

The vibe I get from all social media platforms is that we are just too busy and important. We have a job and house to look after, kids, the shopping, the cleaning, trying to fit in exercise whether it is yoga or balance, body attack or just a walk around the block.  Yes. Everyone. Is. Busy and we definitely are all very important - we say that, but do we really look after ourselves?

I understand that some days can go to shit, and by lunchtime you seriously want to run away screaming. Yes it is hard, life is hard, shit gets thrown at you (sometimes literally) you have deadlines, things to do, bills to pay, three kids under five (seriously NO TV in your house?) and you really just want to be here:

But there is one person you have to remember to look after - YOU. If you are ragged, running around you aren't looking after yourself, the people around you suffer too. You need to be selfish. You need plan time (even if it is only 15-20mins a day) to have some solid YOU time. 

Here are some things to start doing for YOURSELF:

1. Spend time ALONE - reading, having a quick coffee break, a walk, gym time, massage, having a bath - no excuses make it happen. Even if for only 30mins a day.

2. Surround yourself with positive happy people. Trust me your mood and outlook will change.  Spend less around those who upset or make you angry (sometimes you cannot totally ignore those family members or work colleagues).

3. Are you being yourself? Truly you? Do you go to bed happy with who you are as person? If not write down what changes need to happen.  You are the only person that can truly look after YOU. Stop the blame. Stop the guilt. Just DO IT (sorry Nike, great line).

4. We learn from mistakes and move on, are you living in the past or the present. LET GO. Be accountable, be responsible. Live your life.

5. Are you challenging yourself, do you have a mini bucket list? Plan out things you want to achieve (indoor rock climbing, to finish a book, to write a book, to take a course for fun, to play more with your kids, to spend more time with your partner, to get a cat from the pound... whatever). 

6. LAUGH for gods sake. Shit happens everyday, you have a job, kids, partner... you wanted them all right? No-one held a gun to your head and made you an adult. Laugh, spend more time laughing. Turn off the TV, Internet and have a games night with the family. Invite your friends, have wine. Spill wine... live life. LET GO

7. Be kind to yourself. People treat you how you treat yourself. Self respect. You deserve respect from not only yourself but your friends, family and others.

8. Make your OWN happiness.  Do not rely on others to complete you. People in your life add to your happiness, not complete it. Get out there & seek new things. Travel, take a different route to work, walk to work, swim to work... you get the drift. Change things up.

9. Stop competing against your previous self - this one rings so true to me. Be comfortable of who you are now. If you want to achieve the same things, have you really learnt anything? Grow, be wise, learn from the achievements and move onto new things.

10. Don't wait for things to happen. Notice the greatness in everyday occurrences. The changing of the leaves on the trees, the puddles you can walk through in your new wellies, be a kid again, take in your surroundings and smile.

11. Don't wait for PERFECT. There is no such thing.

You deserve to smile everyday. To be happy everyday. Life isn't a big burden, it is how you make it. How you deal with the stuff that comes your way - if you don't like the song being played, change the music. Dance to a different tune, even if it is just a couple times a week.

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