20 May 2013

How is your Monday going, feeling guilty after an indulging weekend? Break those habits......

So, it is Monday, you had a busy weekend, catching up with friends or going out to that dinner party and overindulging and this morning you woke up feeling a bit average and wondering how you are going to survive the day, let alone the entire week?  Thinking "I better head to the gym today to sweat it out", thinking that will rid all the nasties you consumed?  Is Monday groundhog day for you? 

Yikes... no wonder you don't like Mondays! You pledge to "be good" this week, well stop with the excuses and just do it.  Stop eating the crap, stop thinking you NEED chocolate or that glass of wine, start thinking that YOU do actually need to exercise and release stress and encourage endorphins to roam freely around your body.  Breaking the habits one day at a time.

If you have nothing planned for this weekend - keep it that way. Do something different so you don't fall into that trap of just a wine after work or a dinner out with Mary in Surry Hills that turns into copious bottles of wine (yeap have been there, seems like a mighty fine idea at the time).   Keep your diary free and start breaking the bad habits TODAY. 

Sit down tonight and plan the rest of the week - what healthy foods you will eat, go shopping if you can and prep some great salads, soups or foods that are good for you (gosh you might even save money).  RID the house of ALL JUNK FOOD (taking it to work won't help, you will still have access to it).   Work out your exercise for the week - aim for 3 sessions- a walk, swim, dance class, that boxing class in the park you have been wanting to join - DO IT NOW.

Ensure you have dinners ready at home - chicken and vegetable stir fry, omelette's with prawns/chicken and veggies, soup, turkey mince bolognase, YUM! Head to your supermarket,  get some almonds, macadamia, cashew, brazil nuts, Greek yoghurt and strawberries to snack on.  Get into the habit of cooking yummy foods, healthy doesn't mean boring!

Do this for a couple weeks, plan out your week, what you are eating, how you are moving your body and you will feel better, winter won't seem so DRAB and you will keep those pesky germs at bay.

Just take one day at a time, say no to afternoon tea, morning tea, lolly jar..... be organised, bring food to work to eat (lots of colours) and drink lots of water during the day... challenge yourself to 600ml one day and then increase - yes you may pee a little bit more but your body will get used to it.  How many coffee's do you buy/drink a day? Sugar, no sugar? Make smarter choices, try licorice tea or herbal teas (delicious and refreshing, great for cravings).

Just think this time next week you will feel SO much better and hopefully this will inspire you to keep being healthy, organised, prepared and breaking those bad bad habits! So what are you going to do tonight? Sit on the couch feeling sorry for yourself or kick start your weekly planning to be a healthier, happier you?

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