2 May 2013

Having one of those days.....

Ever have one of those days when NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING makes you feel better? Yup I know you are all on the same page as me… today is one of those days.  I think these days are good in some ways as it makes you appreciate what you have, you cannot have a happy high energy day all the time, you need to have some lower energy vibe days to balance things out, to stop collaborate and listen. I mean re-evaluate.

Feeling very hormonal and achy these last few days, my back is constantly aching, feeling snappy and then also wanting to go a few rounds with a few people (get my drift)! Work is super busy and everyone needs me, suppose being good at ones job is a positive thing, but today seriously you can do your own effing printing, getting coffee etc.  I know it is because I haven’t trained that much in the last week (twice) and if affects how my body reacts to stress.

I know when I eat well, sleep well and train well my body goes through some changes and I think this is one of them.  I can feel that my hips are out of alignment (hence further back pain) and my hormones are fecking all over the shop.  Who invited those pesky feckers anyway? Gessh. Probably a man. Haha.

I had the most bizarre conversation with myself on the bus last night (as you do) in my head, with the “should I go to the gym” or “should I not go to the gym” with my little angel on one shoulder going on with that speech of “you will feel better afterwards” and then the devil chicka (who I love) telling me “nah go home and enjoy the couch & a wheat pack, wine”.   I honestly couldn’t make a decision. I just wanted to curl up and crawl away and hibernate for months.  I got home, kissed my gorgeous fiance who was very comfortable on the couch with a glass of wine, wrestled with my kitty and then decided a quick brisk walk to the shops would help me feel a little better.

On went the ipod, shoes and I pulled myself out the front door in a hissy fit of “I don’t want toooo”!  Walked the 10mins to the IGA, then found some steps and proceeded to run up and down them about 10 times, did some push ups and tricep dips on the bench near me and some shuttle runs in between the yellow barrier along the road, did that three times and then walked home.  Felt slightly better but still needed wheat pack.

Today am still in the same mood. Back hurts and I really don’t give a feck. Patience level is at an all time LOW.  Brought my gym stuff with me thinking a nice sweat session would help me snap out of it. Decided that a proper remedial massage is what I need at my regular haunt the Buddha Bar in Newtown.  My massage I had last week at the new place in the city was crap, my kitty does better when he walks on my back.

So my message from today is that sometimes in life you have a day where things aren’t perfect, and that is perfectly (ha ha) ok.  I know I set myself up for failure some days because I purely set my expectations way higher than I need to.  I knew this week at work was going to be manic, I knew that I was going to be frantic but still managed to set so many personal goals that I do not have time or the brain capacity for. But I will get it done and all will be fine.
Different people deal with things differently. Today I am looking after me and I feel that some holistic time would be best. 

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