27 May 2013

Greens greens & more greeens......

I like to track what food I eat most days, gives me a good indication of how much I am eating of what exactly.  Am I eating too much sugar, not enough protein, too much carbs over fats etc.  Fuelling my body with the best fuel ensures that my body functions well under the stress it is put under (either at work or the gym).

I was reading a few health blogs on the weekend and realised that I don't really eat enough greens, I have slipped.  I do love broccoli for breakfast some mornings and have the occasional salad for lunch and veggies with dinner, but not CUPS of the stuff.

There is the new fad going around about "green smoothies".  I think they can be a great idea if you are running out the door and need a nutritious breakfast (better than those up and go things or a slim shake or muesli bar) I like the idea of chewing my food most of the time, you know getting the digestive juices and system functioning properly. Eating on the go all the time cannot be good for us.

So greens.  Luckily for me I love them.  Bulking up my omelette's, stir fries, savoury mince with lots of zucchini, bok choy, green beans (i eat these raw), spinach, broccoli etc.  I have rediscovered my love of eating raw green beans... so crunchy and sweet - delicious, I have them for afternoon tea and for my lunch!

Today I tried a new smoothie.  I went out for a wander after a stressful morning thinking I would just get a coffee when I remembered a new "health shop" that had opened up. So I jaywalked across the street and purchased a kale, banana and pineapple smoothie. So. Delicious. Sweet and I am so full.  No need for coffee this afternoon, just some almonds with my smoothie and I am all done.

I am looking forward to trying a few green smoothies in the next couple days, just because I can (homemade, $6.80 a pop brought) I can experiment with the food I have in the crisper and probably save most of it going off from not using it ALL.

Mixing up the bulking of greens in my meals and the odd green smoothie to keep things interesting is my challenge this week.  I am on top of the exercise regime and eating quite well (made beef & guinness mini pies on the weekend, scrumptious)!  My family would be proud. To be sure.

Will try and find some bizarre recipes also of adding greens that dosen't taste all that bad (mm green pancakes?) Will keep you posted. 

Will get some inspiration and ideas from here: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/04/green-smoothie-challenge.html

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