10 May 2013

Cortisol & creatures of habit.....

The last couple days I have had some time to reflect as I was on the couch with a gastro virus. Nasty.  There is something about being sick and craving the foods your mum used to give you, boiled eggs on toast, fruit salad, pots of tea, soup, mash and veggies,  and I feel so much better for it (well partly because the bug has fecked off) but because I only ate little amounts and didn't overload my system with foods I "thought" I needed. 

I just trusted what my body asked for as it needed it and I feel great today, my jeans are fitting better and I have more energy than I did the past two days.  My coffee did not go down well today at all and I am craving pots of earl grey tea... mmmmm think my body is telling me something!  We are such creatures of habit, when something happens we react with a habit that is stored within us. These habits can be changed but sometimes habits can turn against us and cause us to not make the right choices, ie stress, stress can make us either over-eat or under-eat,  both are as bad as each other. 

When I was on the couch I watched Dr Oz.  He is a genius.  He was discussing how cortisol levels are affecting us and causing not just obesity issues but other health concerns. This most of us know but do not fully understand, am I right? Mix high cortisol levels and hormones together and your body is pretty much at war with itself.

Adding  a variety of foods to our nutrition ensures our body isn't creating too much cortisol, that our system will function better and not have too much inbalance with hormones etc.  So including some of the following daily will assist you:

Sweet Potato
Almonds, Pistachios & Walnuts

Green Vegetables (kale, broccoli, leafy greens)
Organic Raw Cacao
Oolong Tea
GTF Chromium

This gives you a good mixture of healthy fats and nutrients (some cortisol blockers).  Obviously sleeping better, exercising regularly and eating well, play a big part in reducing stress and cortisol levels.  Now we do need a healthy level of cortisol to get us moving but not huge levels.  When you have high levels of cortisol in your system, you find your appetite for high calorie foods increases - this is not because your metabolism is firing...

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