13 May 2013

Am I the biggest hurdle?

This morning as my alarm went off at 5:15am I did my usual "should I get up or go back to sleep" routine in my head. Monday's are hard for me to get out of bed because I tend to have a lateish night finishing off the weekend and the boy has Monday off.  It is cold outside and so warm and snuggly inside. I then go through the process of "I will feel fantastic after" &  "he is going to be asleep in an hour still anyways" and get up and go train, which ends up making me feel fantastic!  But I seem to do this every single Monday!  What happened to the energiser bunny that used to bounce out of bed? 

So I had this ponder on the way to the gym this morning - "are we our biggest hurdle to achieving our goals?" and the answer for me is YES. It is my brain that is my hurdle, over thinking and analysing things instead of just getting up and going.  I am the biggest hurdle.  I know I will train hard and feel better after, it isn't the boy putting pressure on me, he is snoring away happily and doesn't notice half the time that I have even got out of bed and returned! 

I was so pumped going to bed last night about my training this week, I planned out my sessions for this week and also planned out foods to make to keep me going on the clean eating plan.  This works and I think for the last couple weeks I haven't planned as much and really just taken each day as it comes, which for me isn't a good thing as my  brain (my hurdle) doesn't make the right decisions for my health and fitness goals.  Something happens to my brain if it isn't organised properly lol.

So why am I a hurdle I sometimes scale over and then other times cannot be arsed even trying to jump over? Have my priorities changed, or my determination to reach my goals?  Are my goals current to what I really want? Hmm.   This is what I love about goal setting, you can move them around and delete them and add new ones as the paving of the brick road continues before me.  My goals are still the same really I just need to plan a different road, that is my solution.  So have mixed up things this week again, keeping my weight training in three times a week but mixing up the exercises a bit, adding more HIIT and also adding two strength/yoga sessions and a fun cardio dance session.  Will do this for a couple weeks and then mix around again to keep things FRESH.  That is the word I was thinking off, FRESH.. my workouts and food plans were a bit stale...   now I am excited and motivated for the week ahead - still have the same goals but a different way to get to them, building my own road as I go along.

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