5 April 2013

What? No dairy?

But what about calcium they asked… yes, the questions from the new ladies at work about my no eating dairy, having eggs for breakfast (and kangaroo some days) has sparked intrigue (again).

So why NO dairy, well I do eat Greek yoghurt when I fancy it because I like it, tastes good and helps my tummy.  Yes there are other ways to get good gut health but they don’t taste as good.  But for the 2-5 yoghurts I have a month, I do not notice any change. 

 I know for me milk is not a friend, or cheese (goats cheese is super-duper ok). I do not cope well with the lactose or the casein in dairy products (even protein powders affect me, pea protein is the best).  If I have it I notice it.  Some days I have a dash in my long black coffee and that is enough for me to notice.

I find that my body functions better on no dairy and no wheat.  I find my body can get the same nutrients from other foods, if not more from NOT eating dairy and wheat I find my calcium levels are higher, my iron levels are higher and I feel healthier with no gut issues (bloating etc)! 

I am not the sort of person that will do something just because that is how it has always been done. I like to work out what suits me and I am suitably nosey, curious etc.  I am also a conspiracy theorist, but that is another blog (did man land on the moon, is Elvis dead).

Milk – from cows, why do we NEED it? Yes yes for calcium I hear you yell at me, but that isn’t the best source of calcium for your body, why do we need milk that has been damaged by processing it – if you were to milk a cow and drink it straight away I would say awesome but the stuff that you get from the shops isn’t really a good source of calcium. Try sugar and hormones that do not help our bodies at ALL.  Some milk products can increase your insulin levels more than white bread, insert gasp here. Yes.  Insulin is usually released in response to the carbohydrates in your diet which are mainly found in grains, sugar and fruits.  Cut out these products and reduce diseases like PCOS, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc.

Best dairy products are those from pastured, grass fed and free range animals. Full-fat is best also. Fat is better for you than sugar. Yes even for weight loss, actually FOR weight loss and overall health.

If I feel like something “milky” I have coconut milk (so delicious) even nut milks are a little better not that I really like them. Soy is a no-no.

So let’s say you don’t think you struggle with dairy, try giving it up for a couple weeks and see if you notice an improvement. Whilst you are there cut out the high-processed cereals that accompany the milk (they are NOT good for you) and breads, yes ALL breads.  You will have to re-work your habits. You will have to think about what foods to eat, but you will notice a difference.  I used to have three-four skim lattes a day because they are good for you right? Wrong. I love my long black, sometimes with a dash of coconut milk. I love black tea. I used to have white tea with three sugars, ugh. Yuck.  Your taste buds WILL change.

A big thing to cut out is chocolate. Especially high processed ones like Cadbury – you think they taste nice hey.  Try cutting out ALL dairy for two weeks, and then introduce dark chocolate. Actually notice how your cravings decrease from eating more nutrient rich foods (lean meats, eggs, seafood, vegetables, seeds, fruits, nuts). Get good fats in every day. You replace sugars with fats in your diet and your body will function.

I do not have cravings for foods, I will eat sweet stuff if it is around but I don’t get the 3:30pm must have sugar. That is from your insulin levels dropping after eating all the processed carbohydrates for breakfast (toast, milk, cereal).

What other foods provide you with calcium?  Non-dairy products? Can you name three?

·         Sesame seeds, flax seeds

·         Almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans

·         Leafy greens (broccoli)

·         Salmon, sardines


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