29 April 2013

What is healthy living to you?

What is your definition of healthy living?  Do you wish you were healthier, had more time to do the things you love? Do you feel like you are living life to the full?

Healthy living for me is "smiling everyday, surrounding myself with people that are positive, loving, kind & nuturing" to have "laughter, love, friendships, family" being "kind to myself & giving back to the community, nuturing my body & mind with healthy food choices, meditation for the mind & movement of the body - walking, swimming, weights, stretching, sex"

What is healthy living to you? Being able to get up each day and survive?  Do you look after yourself properly? Go one step at a time and see how things go?  That surely isn't a fun way to live.  What do you wish you could have, what in others do you admire?

Are you on autopilot?  Do you just get up and go to work and wonder why you are left wanting so much more? You need to be challenging yourself, making some bucket list ideas of how you can become the person you want to be.  You are in total control, throw out the rule book and start living.  When was the last time you:

* laughed so hard you couldn't stop
* Mixed up your weekly routine, trying new places
* Had a check up with your doctor
* Shared some quality time with your family aside from routine taskts
* planned a day out
* Drove a different way to work or walked or caught a different train/bus
* Volunteered either for a charity or just giving someone else your time
* Took yourself out for a pamper session (after the check up?)
* Told those around you how much you love them?
* Spent time in your environment making it relaxed and less cluttered
* Watched an arthouse movie, tried a vegetarian dish, practiced yoga near the beach, watched the sunset, sunrise?
* Had an alcohol free week

Break out of some habits and mix things up....LIVE today, be healthy in your surroundings, your life, your friends, your emotions. Be complete within yourself.  Things will be easier, stress less......  

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