15 April 2013

Wedding Dress Challenge commences today.

Wedding Dress Shopping Day Number 1 booked in the diary for July.....

The one thing I do know I will require on that day is a fitter, healthier version of myself.  At the moment most of my clothes are tight on me.  I have dropped the ball lately with my headspace, training and my nutrition.  No excuses, I dropped the ball. I haven't been consistent.  Nothing like a wedding dress challenge to get that ball back up and thrown around with some extra health & fitness goals thrown into the plan to mix things up.

This has inspired me to start a challenge on my FitbyDons Health & Fitness Challenge Facebook page. To get others healthy, fit and feeling great about themselves. It isn't always about weight loss (even though that is a bonus) it is about shifting the mindset to being healthy, living a healthy, full and active life.  Making choices that will look after us in the long run.

So I look forward to sharing my journey with you on my blog and also with motivation and support stories on my facebook page.  I am also being inspired by some amazing friends on Facebook and even doing a great challenge by the inspiring Kat Loterzo - check out her skinny jeans challenge she has setup!

Love how connected the health and fitness community is, so inspiring! Everyone has a different approach, different stories to share, motivate and inspire... we should all work together!

So my main focus is to have my clothes fitting me again without feeling like they are sprayed on.  This for me involves cutting back on the things that have snuck back into my eating plan more than I should allow it (wine, cheese, chocolate, processed foods). 

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