26 March 2013

But it is Easter.....

You know why I love Easter? The long weekend. Yeap. This used to be the best time to plan trips away to the South when I lived in Perth, Europe when I lived in the UK and long weekends to parts of Australia I haven't been to now living in Sydney.  Oh yeah and a Lindt chocolate bunny, just one was all I wanted.
After discussions last night with my man we decided no chocolate purchases or hot cross buns this weekend.  Why, because we don’t need them. Last year was our first Easter together and we indulged a little and gave gifts, and it was great.
I have heard so many comments from people saying “but it is Easter, you have to eat chocolate & hot cross buns”!  I have just celebrated my birthday and indulged in some gorgeous chocolate cake and Chandon Rose, that is my idea of a great reason to enjoy a few lovely things – but if we were to give into every celebration, event, cause, just because, would we move forwards with our health & fitness goals?  I think I would roll forwards.
I am excited to be hitting the gym and training for at least three of the four days off, yippeeee.  Bring on some weights, some outdoor walks, swims if the weather is right and good solid healthy food. Not solid eggs.  I know I have to be stronger, and not give in to those simple temptations because I know my will power is only strong when I say NO, if I start giving in, byeee will power.  I have always been a 0 or 100% kinda girl.  So I need to adapt to suit my needs.
So this Easter I will be feeling great after a few extra days off work (ok I only just started my new job...) some time at the gym and an extra day spent brunching and hanging out with my man. What more can a girl want right?

If you are wanting a healthier option that you can make this Easter, check out the lovely Zomt's recipes, they are scrumptious and you can enjoy knowing you have made them and with raw ingredients http://www.getzomt.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/2-recipes-organic-sugar-free-chia.html


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