10 February 2013

Five things.......

Laugh often, be around people that make you smile! Laugh at yourself, be kind to yourself. Go to comedy nights, restrict news & current affairs.

Sleep well
Same hours most nights with no tv in bed or too much coffee/alcohol, try not to "sleep-in" get a routine going & have power naps if you need to recharge.

Eat healthy foods
The fresher the better 80-90% of the time! You don't need the foods you think you want/deserve, if you cannot.pronounce an ingredient on the label don't eat it, if it is on a tv ad limit it to rarely! Don't diet, eat good carbs & fats & enjoy learning how easy it is to make healthy meals. Enjoy the foods you love & don't punish yourself!

Move your body
Dance, run, swim, climb, skip, lift and do it 2-3 times a week! Do what makes you feel alive, gets your heart rate up & makes you sweat or feel strong - don't make it a chore! Mix things up, ask friends!

Love yourself, your choices, your life, your hobbies, surround yourself with people that love you - don't judge others or compare yourself to others, you are loved & deserve love! Enjoy the finer things in life!

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