27 February 2013

Eating Habits, Patterns and Conditioning.

Do we fully understand how we make the choices to eat the food that we do?  Do we make these decisions based on the location, home or out socially?  Food choices will vary depending on your environment, food contexts change depending on where you are.

Do you think your environment influences your food choices?  For example if you are at a Mexican restaurant, with great music playing, good vibes making you fell good, do you think your food decisions would be different than that say of a crowded smokey bar?

We don't make these decisions on a conscious level. Some interesting facts on when food consumption levels rise:

* when out socialising with a large group of friends
* obese people eating with other obese friends or family
* seeing someone eat makes you eat more
* when we serve ourselves we eat less, when served by others we consume more, why do we serve more to others than ourselves?

Food is something that is discussed on a daily basis. We all have different patterns, habits and conditioning levels.  Conditioning is something that we adapt at a very young age, because that is just the way "we do things". Breaking these habits can he hard, hence why so many people are overweight, underweight or have health issues.

Society really is frustrated with food and eating habits, it is a multi-million dollar industry with the marketing of "low-fat" products, quick fix fad diets, junk food advertising.  Millions of messages that our subconscious receives, this can affect how we decide on the food to consume.

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