4 February 2013

4days alcohol & sugar free........

So Febfast is on day four & decided to do no sugar also. So far no real bother with the no drinking or sweet stuff! Feeling in control & great - so happy - lots of great things to snack on (berries, almonds, snow peas, pb) and lots of good protein, greek yoghurt, seeds/nuts, fruit & veggies handy for lunches & dinner.

Loving my sparkling mineral water with lime served in a wine glass to rehydrate, tis tres refreshing indeed.

Habits are funny things,  our brain knows exactly what we are going to do way before we think we think we have decided, millions of messages tends to set habits especially if we associate emotions to these habits (work, stress etc)

So I am enjoying this challenge & look forward to the positive results & not just giving in because that is the easy way out & you know what, life is alwAys going to throw challenges it is how you deal with them that counts!
Bring on day five :)

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