27 January 2013

New Year, new blog...... new challenges!

I love the New Year, it is like ripping butchers paper off an easel to reveal a blank new page, making me ponder  - what exciting, fun and challenging things to plan for 2013?!    

From being made redundant to getting engaged in 2012 I can see big changes this year for sure on the personal front with job hunting, interviews and getting my excited head around engagement parties and all things wedding...... you know like setting a date.... and wedding dresses, locations! 

On the health & fitness front, I am excited to achieve many goals set out for the next 3, 6, & 12 months.  Changing gyms late last year I am now training at a gym up the road which I love, I do miss my friends at FF but love the new environment and look forward to tackling the MMA class this week. 

Coming up next week is the start of  Febfast and Quitting Sugar Sarah Wilson style (more about learning how to make healthier desserts for me and meal ideas to keep things interesting) .... so I can get leaner and even more stronger!  My vice this last few months since being unemployed has been wine, Rose to be exact and even some nice cheese to accompany it, you think having more time on my hands I would be super organised, going to the gym and preparing fabulous meals, well I did for a couple weeks and seem to have mastered the art of procrastination. Time to clean up the habits, kick start the healthy living routine from 2nd gear to 5th! Detox the liver and ahem shed those pounds as a result of been relaxed with healthy eating and good solid training the last couple months. 

So this is my new blog, The Don's Meddle as I like to put my 10cents in and discuss issues on health, fitness, all things social media, blogs, anything in general I an urge to write about.  Time to mix things up.

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