29 January 2013

MMA kicked my butt!

Train insane or remain the same....  I like to keep the body and mind guessing!  I decided to mix up my training by tying the MMA class at my local gym - I had met the trainer a few times and was intrigued to see how the class would kick my backside.

Having done many boxing classes and even took a Level 1 instructor courses my fitness at the moment isn't as good as I would like - so let's just say the class kicked me good. It hurt, I couldn't breathe, I was sweating and it felt GOOD.

The class consisted of boxing with MMA bags,  running with weights above head, squats, sprawls, push-ups, punching bag in plank position, side kicks etc I certainly got a workout!

Training with Kelly, one of the PT's at All Sorts gym was good, she pushed me hard and got me used to the different techniques and terminology that I am used too from generic boxing classes.  Loved the variety and the style, will be adding MMA classes to my weekly training.  Strength, endurance, speed, stamina! My kind of training.

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