12 March 2015

Week 9 #fmsphotoaday

23 Fix
Finally have my game fix! Got sent Cards Against Humanity from the gorgeous Cookie & Michael store in Melbourne.  They have amazing stuff, are gorgeous talented people who run the shop too!  Drew and I had visited Cookie and Michael, otherwise known as Dave & Michael and played this game. Highly addictive.  Cannot wait to play again.
24 12 O'clock
At this time today I was at the Royal Hospital for Women having a small procedure.  I remember sitting in the chair for what seemed like eternity and realised it was nearly 12 o'clock. I was hungry, tired and waiting for name to be called when I took a little selfie snap.  Long day but glad to have captured this picture.
25 Reflection
Watching MKR with delicious dishes being served up and something always catches my eye outside but forget it is the reflection of the TV. Looks like the lamp is also outside.... tricky reflections.
26 Grow
One day when I have a garden I would like to grow sunflowers. they are my favourite flower because they always make me smile. They are golden like rays of sunshine and just make me feel happy. 
27 Still Life
Friday night after a crazy week and sitting at the local newie pub for dinner I saw they had maple espresso martini's on the menu (SHOW ME WHERE I PUT THE MONEY)!!  $10 cocktails. Hello.  So I was sitting there still watching my gorgeous drink and the still coffee beans on top, seemed like a good 20seconds passed before I came to life and enjoyed not one, but two of these delicious cocktails.
28 Thank You
Thank you Menulog and home delivery for this great pizza.  Chicken with peri sauce on gluten free base for me. Was divine, got a medium and managed to eat most of it with leftovers for breakfast the next day (hey it has protein and veggies on it....)!

29 Starting with R
Ruth and Rob's Farewell party at Coogee Pavilion.  So sad to see these two gorgeous people leave Australia and head back to Ireland.  Rob played in Drew's Coogee United team and was our WAG of choice player.  Going to miss your funny jokes, cute smile and just being awesome (not to mention talented footie player) and the only man who has made my husband cry (inside joke)!.  Farewell R&R.

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