9 February 2015

Week Six #fmsphotoaday

Week Six of Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge complete.  I am so excited to do a FULL year of the #fmsphotoaday challenge.  Here is a little description of my piccies for this week.

Monday 2nd - Mail
Got the "you have a parcel" slip in our tiny postbox which meant my books had arrived from Mum.  Yes we send each other books in the post to read, kind of like a postman pat library.  I was excited as i was finally going to read James Bowen's "A streetcat named Bob".  The amazing true story of how James survived being on the streets of London after he met a ginger cat who he named Bob.  To give you an idea of how good the books are, I have read both already as of yesterday (8th Feb).  Easy reading and you will just love Bob.  

Tuesday 3rd - Water
It was raining today but decided to use my photo archives to put up a water picture that made me smile and feel warmer.  The water picture for this prompt was taken in Thailand on our Honeymoon in May 2014.  We had jumped aboard the Josephine for a gorgeous day out visiting the islands around Koh Samui. Clear blue water, gorgeous day with my husband.

Wednesday 4th - Reward
Coffee after a crazy couple days was just the reward I needed. Trying a new coffee shop I was worried I wouldn't get a good cup of cha, but I was wrong!! Delicious strong latte delivered the punch I needed to get through the rest of the hump day Wednesday. Long live the coffee bean!

Thursday 5th - Something Blue
I always like unusual wooden objects, quite obsessed with wooden artifacts and anything wood related.... so when I read this prompt I knew I had to use the blue wooden crates picture I took at Sculptures by The Sea. Love the contrast of the blue.

Friday 6th - Makes Me Smile
Today was a rough day. Probably the roughest day in my life to date. But I am so glad I have my two babies with me who make me smile on a daily basis. They are both so cute and cuddly and I love them with all my heart.  

Saturday 7th - Stripes
I seem to have many skirts and dresses with stripes so today's prompt was an easy one. Stripey dress from St Frock! Gorgeous comfortable and colourful dress to make me smile.  Love stripes.

Sunday 8th - In My Bag
After stalking her clothes on Facebook and hearing rave reviews I finally purchased some Erin Louise goodies! The items came in a little mesh bag with a big love heart on it. Definitely a great In My bag prompt. Beats the boring items in my big handbag that needs cleaning out.

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