16 September 2014

Finally got to climb Mt Fuji!

Last night I conquered the gruelling 1255m up Mt Fuji – 45min from the base ascending up to the 5th climbing station that has left me still feeling zapped today.  The sun was shining and the sides of the road were covered in snow.  Traffic was light and only a few cars passed us on the ride.
Scenic Cycle at Aurora Place is the most amazing little cycle studio.  They have a special on at the moment that you get two rides for $20! Pretty good value for money I say and a great opportunity to try out the studio. The journey is pretty mind blowing and the visual screen making you feel like you are indeed riding outdoors in some amazing part of the world.  A great way to escape I say. 
Haven’t done a proper spin/cycle class for a while now as the classes at my gym aren’t as good as the yoga or dance classes and I have been very spoilt with great RPM instructors over the years.  A good friend of mine had been going and her Facebook status updates about certain climbs left me wanting to travel also.
The little set up they have is all you need, friendly staff on reception and fun but hardworking instructors, there is no attitude or competitiveness (except with yourself) and it is the little touches that make you feel welcome and enjoy the class and environment.  They provide lockers (you take the key, none of this bring you own key malarkey) you are given a little white towel and they have a couple of candles burning at the front of the room that are placed in front of a couple people during the ride.  This really made me feel like I had truly escaped, got my sweat on and also able to relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about the fact that my heart and lungs were about to fall onto the floor (next to Anita’s who poor love was recovering from the flu and her lungs also were on the ground in front)!  Walking out to fresh fruit was divine also, great way to recover after the ride which saw my heart rate staying between 70 – 85% for most of the 45mins!  Hello fitness and fat burn, a whopping 450 calories burnt also. Hello SUMMER!
Looking forward to Samoa tomorrow, even thought would prefer bathers to swim in the gorgeous water than cycle around Salani!

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